What's that stuff?

This might have been the question you asked yourself when you ran into our page.
Well, basically this site is dedicated to a couple of groups who made part of the story of Italian rock: CCCP Fedeli alla linea and Consorzio Suonatori Indipendenti.

If you really want to know something about these groups, we'll now leave you with a couple of words about them. But if you want to know more, as we can't translate everything in English and our English is really bad, you should find someone who speaks Italian and get him to translate our pages. :-)

CCCP Fedeli alla Linea was (alas, was) an Italian punk band, which ran the stage between 1983 and 1990. It was created by two people: Giovanni Lindo Ferretti and Massimo Zamboni.
The new thing about CCCP was that at that moment the European punk movement mainly followed the English and American punk. CCCP didn't care at all about U.S. and U.K.; they just cared about Eastern Europe and Emilia Romagna. "Punk Filosovietico - Musica Melodica Emiliana".

With the coming of the Nineties, CCCP Fedeli alla Linea had become quite famous. That was just the moment when they stopped.
About three years after, Ferretti and Zamboni decided to give life to another project: the Consorzio Suonatori Indipendenti. This group, which still lives, is totally different from what CCCP were: less noisy and more reflexive, less raging and more instinctive. Still great.

We know this is quite short. Well, it's nothing. We grant you we'll try to add more about CCCP and CSI in the future. But the fact is, you should listen to their music rather than simply reading about it. In the middle of our pages, there are some stars (), that play RealAudio3 tracks when clicked. You can look for some of them, and you can also go directly to the CCCP and the CSI sounds pages, where you will find some MIDIs and MP3; or if you want, you can write to us and maybe we can send you something.

Thanks to the work of ToTal Sharing, Daniel, Ilaria Arianna and Pippo, we can now delight you with some

of a few CSI and CCCP songs. Take care, however: a translation cannot impress you as the original italian version.